Time-Warner CEO: FCC approval merely “delayed”

Addressing TWC staff in a letter, CEO Rob Marcus seemed to ignore the public protests over the proposed merger. Marcus pointed out how overtaxed the FCC would be since the spate of proposed mergers that followed Comcast’s bid for TWC earlier this year. He went on,

“In the meantime, recent speculation about mergers and acquisitions in the content world are adding more fuel to the public debate about whether consolidation is good or bad for consumers. While it’s possible that all this noise could impact the review of our deal, we continue to work closely with Comcast on planning for a closing around year-end, understanding that it could take longer.”

All the “noise” at the FCC appears to be of little concern to the CEO and the merger staff who are moving forward as if the deal is already done. Is it telling that the authors of this deal are more concerned about “delays” than the serious questions surrounding approval?

Well, at least they are making ads to convince us!Comcast pro merger ad

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