Why the Murdoch press wants to exterminate public broadcasters – Brian McNair

McNair’s points about the attacks on British and Australian public media make me wonder if we shouldn’t look at Murdoch’s holdings in the United States as a sort of financial base for his assault on the BBC and ABC. After all, the laissez-faire philosophy that has made PBS a public broadcasting dwarf by international standards has allowed his media empire to accrue financial power since at least 1994. Financial success in the US may be the rock upon which Murdoch could build his church of media commercialism. Brian?

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DaleksLike most people with even a passing interest in the part played by News Corporation in British politics, I remember exactly what I was doing when scandal broke in 2011 and the sense of a seemingly indestructible media behemoth crumbling into chaos and ruin before our eyes. Now, Rebekah Brooks is to return as chief executive of News UK, publisher of the Sun, the Times and the Sunday Times. In 2014 she was cleared of all charges relating to the phone-hacking scandal.

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